Peak District – Walking – Alport & Win Hill

It's very rare that I walk at weekends, not because I'm alergic to the crowds but mainly due to family commitments. This weekend however everyone in the family had plans except me so I was pleased when an invite came through to my inbox. My twitter friend Martin Rye @Rye1966 from was heading out for a weekends backpacking in the Peak District with Andy Walker @akkw1803 from I couldn't make the whole weekend so I decided to join them both Read more [...]

Peak District – Wharncliffe Wander

There are places in the Peak District that conjure up great memories for me, time spent with family, time spent with friends or even time spent all on my lonesome. It's great to go back to visit these places once in a while, to relive those times or to refresh my memory. So... With that in mind it was long overdue that a paid a visit to a place that holds a lot of memories for me, Wharncliffe Side. My family and I lived for a year in Wharncliffe Side at a pub there called the Blue Ball. My Read more [...]

Peak District – Wild Camping – Bamford Edge

My friend Ray and I decided to head out for a last minute camp when we noticed the weather was due to be favourable. We grabbed our army issue bivvy bags, picked up a few beers and headed out to enjoy what was to be one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen. The location for the wild camp this time was Bamford Edge in the Peak District. The music used in this movie is an unnamed creation that I made a few years ago with Propellerheads Reason.. I'm a big fan of Enigma so the track was made Read more [...]

Peak District – Win Hill & Hope Cross in the Snow

Today’s walk was to be a relatively short one, I had limited time and I knew that my progress would be slowed slightly by the snow, the starting point was to be the Yorkshire Bridge Inn at Ladybower and thankfully the roads leading here were open today too. We have had a pretty heavy amount of snow in the last few days which has made a lot of roads impassable and many of the roads I used today were closed until 7am. Thankfully I managed to make it to the parking spot, getting kitted up and Read more [...]

Peak District – Kinder Scout – Ringing Roger & Hope Cross

I'm having a great run at the moment it seems when it comes to walking weather, I had checked the advanced forecast and selected Thursday the 13th of December to have a wander this week. When the day finally arrived I still hadn't chosen where I was going to walk, I quickly checked my Dark Peak Combi Map on and had a look what gaps need filling in. I decided to go for a walk I have done before but I haven't tracked it while Social Hiking. I got all my cold weather gear ready, Read more [...]

Peak District – Wild Camping – Edale Skyline Route

There are some times when just one day out on the hills just isn't enough.. well.. I suppose one day is never enough really when I come to think about it. I have been doing lots of day walks in the Peak District lately so I thought it was about time that I chucked my tent in my bag and headed out for 2 days. As luck would have it I had 2 days spare so I consulted my mate Andy and a plan was set. Andy decided that he could join me for 2 days of walking and I would Wild Camp alone inbetween as Read more [...]

Peak District – Edale Skyline Route

This is another one of those fantastic Peak District routes that I've been wanting to do for some time now, I had seen it on the map and while out walking I could see there was a clear route all the way around. I decided to name it affectionately after the “Ring of Steel” in the Mamores in Scotland.. It is the Peak District’s very own “Ring of Mild Steel”. I set off this morning from home and headed for Hope, I parked the car and got myself suited, booted and ViewRanger running Read more [...]