Peak District – Wild Camping above the clouds on Kinder Scout

This weeks mini adventure will officially go down as my favourite ever solo wilds camp in the glorious Peak District, all the conditions were perfect to make it a night to remember. I arrived in Edale to clear skies and as I walked up Kinder Scout the mist / cloud began to roll up the valley and over the Great Ridge. I spent a mesmerising 7-8 hours time lapsing everything I could see from cloud inversions to the moon and stars. If every wild camp in the future was exactly like this, then I would Read more [...]

Peak District – The Great Ridge – Mam Tor & Lose Hill Walk

This weeks wander was a relatively short one but one of those classic Peak District routes, The Great Ridge. My partner Lisa and I met up with some of her friends from work at Hope before walking over towards Castleton, The Broken Road and up on to Mam Tor after a quick stop at the Blue John Cafe. We picked a great spot for lunch overlooking the Hope Valley before heading along the Great Ridge to Lose Hill via Hollins Cross and Back Tor. The sun came out as we were walking the ridge so the gentle Read more [...]

Peak District – The Broken Road & The Great Ridge

This week I headed out for a wander with a photography group who were tackling a classic route in the Peak District. I had been invited along by my friend Graeme aka @Black73Cat on twitter (and all good social networks), he can also be found at The route in question was the Great Ridge from Hope, how much more classic can you get than that. I'm always interested in making new friends and meeting new people so I accepted the offer and Graeme very kindly offered to give Read more [...]

Peak District – The Great Ridge & Hope Valley

The "Famous Gate" between Hollin's Cross and Mam Tor Today's walk saw me heading through heavy traffic to get to Hope for 09:30, It was one of those journeys where you seem to end up behind every slow moving vehicle possible. Tractors, Caravans and the odd horse, I'm not an impatient man so I just took my time as there was no rush. The reason there was no rush is because the weather early this morning was forecast to be terrible, I really do mean terrible...Rain, Sleet and Hail being blown sideways by some strong winds. Andy and I had decided to meet Read more [...]

Peak District – Kinder Scout – Ringing Roger & Hope Cross

I'm having a great run at the moment it seems when it comes to walking weather, I had checked the advanced forecast and selected Thursday the 13th of December to have a wander this week. When the day finally arrived I still hadn't chosen where I was going to walk, I quickly checked my Dark Peak Combi Map on and had a look what gaps need filling in. I decided to go for a walk I have done before but I haven't tracked it while Social Hiking. I got all my cold weather gear ready, Read more [...]

Peak District – Edale Skyline Route

This is another one of those fantastic Peak District routes that I've been wanting to do for some time now, I had seen it on the map and while out walking I could see there was a clear route all the way around. I decided to name it affectionately after the “Ring of Steel” in the Mamores in Scotland.. It is the Peak District’s very own “Ring of Mild Steel”. I set off this morning from home and headed for Hope, I parked the car and got myself suited, booted and ViewRanger running Read more [...]