Peak District – Bleaklow Stones Wild Camp

In this video my friend Rich and I meet up at Bamford for a walk and a wild camp to see if we can spot the Perseids Meteor Shower. We had a very rough plan, meet up at Bamford at around lunch time and then head somewhere to camp away from the summer crowds. The only way to do this is to put some miles under your feet in order to stay away from the hot spots like Kinder and the famous edges. We decided that Bleaklow Stones, Grinah Stones or possibly Barrow Stones would be the best idea as these Read more [...]

Peak District – Grinah Stones & Bleaklow Stones

Bleaklow Stones from Grinah Stones I love the Peak District as I'm sure you may have guessed by now if you're a regular visitor. I like to get away from the crowds, find a quiet spot and enjoy the tranquility the Peaks have to offer. There are many great spots you can go to, especially midweek, where you can find that little slice of heaven. A place where you can stand, sit, relax or maybe wild camp and soak up the views. The Peak District has such a varied mix of landscapes, from the lush green farmland of the White Peak, to the Read more [...]

Peak District – Bleaklow in the Snow

It always seems that when my friend Andy and I go walking we always get rain. We don't mind though as we will walk no matter what the weather, today however the roll of bad luck had finally ended. We got the most beautiful wintery conditions with perfect blue skies, snow, ice and the hills to ourselves. We sett off from Birchin Clough at around 09:45, headed down in the Lady Clough and then up the path through the Pine Forest. We crossed over to Doctors Gate, walked along the Roman Road and then Read more [...]

Peak District – Bleaklow

Another week and another brand new route. I decided once again to head for the Birchin Clough car park on the Snake Road, this place has fast become a firm favourite for me. The area is just simply stunning. The beautiful pine forests with Kinder Scout lurking to the south makes for great viewing. Today however, the aim wasn't Kinder, it was another peat covered favourite by the name of Bleaklow. I set off from the Birchin Clough car park at around 10am and headed over the road down into the Read more [...]

Peak District – Howden, Bleaklow & Alport

After my windy walk with Andy last week ("Peak District – Ladybower & Alport Dale") I decided it was high time for another Peak District outing. There has been rather a drought when it comes to walking of late, what with one thing and another I just haven't had the time to head out. I feel as though I have made up for it today though with a good route and some fantastic views thrown in, so without further ado here is my summary of where I headed and what I got up to. I parked up this Read more [...]