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I aim to bring as much content to the site as possible… While i’m out wandering i’m usually tweeting, recording audio, filming video, snapping away with my DSLR, taking instagram images and sharing my location on All this media will find its way to the site via blog posts.


If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason weather it be feedback, route suggestions, testing & reviews. You can fill out the form below.

Alternatively you could head on over to the Peak Routes Facebook Page. I update it regularly with my instagram images and share all sorts of Peak District related info.

Follow Peak Routes on Twitter for tweets, images and audio while I’m out wandering.

View my back catalogue of videos on YouTube. There are plenty of videos recorded in the Peak District and beyond.

I will publicise new episodes of the Peak Routes Podcast on the site. However, if you follow the link below and subscribe you can have it delivered automatically.

Peak Routes Podcast

I also recorded short snippets of audio when i’m out and about. You can find these ramblings on AudioBoo, follow the link to find my Outdoor related Boos.

Peak Routes Audioboo

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