Peak District Walk – Monsal Dale & Ashford-in-the-Water

This videos sees us head to Monsal Dale for a nice but short circular walk of around 6 1/2 miles. We parked near the Monsal Head Inn and made our way down to the River Wye in Monsal Dale via the Headstone Viaduct. The route then took us down towards Deep Dale and eventually to ancient Packhorse Bridge at Ashford-in-the-Water. After a short stop to feed the ducks we then made our way up the hill and back around to Monsal Head. It was a short but sweet wander but ideal for a quick outing, we finished Read more [...]

Peak District – Chrome & Parkhouse Hill

In this video I head to Crowdecote to meet my friend Andy, we then wandered up and over Parkhouse Hill in the rain before the weather changed. It was rather windy and wild as we descended the northern route down Parkhouse but thankfully neither of us fell down the slippery limestone path. The next obstacle was Chrome Hill and as we reached the top the sun came out and it turned into a glorious afternoon. We then headed for Tor Rock and Stoop Farm before climbing up Hollins Hill and having a break Read more [...]

Peak District – Cressbrook Dale & Peter’s Stones

This week I decided to head out along a route I had walked in the past, this time armed with my DSLR to make a video of some of the great spots you pass along the way. The last time I walked this way I recorded an episode of the Peak Routes Podcast which you can also listen too if you wish.... anyway, that aside. The snow had cleared, I had all my warm clothes packed so off I went across Beeley Moor towards Monsal Dale to park up near the Monsal Head Hotel. After taking the obligatory Read more [...]

Peak District – Wild Camping – Monsal Dale & Fin Cop

This week my friend Ray and I decided to head out for a last minute wild camp in the Glorious Peak District. I had been day dreaming about a certain spot for weeks which would require a bit of stealth as it was a rather cheeky location. We packed our bivvys, grabbed food and headed of towards Bakewell. Whenever I choose a wild camping spot in the Peaks it's always a trade off between 2 factors, how far we want to walk and how safe and considerate is the parking place. In this case I decided that Read more [...]

Peak District – Stanage Edge Walk & Chatsworth Wild Swim

Wild Swimming in the River Derwent at Chatsworth Another weekend, another wander, I'm getting rather used to this weekend walking lately. Thankfully my daughter agreed to come out in to the Peak District for a short route along Stanage Edge, only after I promised that there would be a nice cream van at the end of the walk :-). The day began with coffee in Chesterfield on the way to our proposed parking spot, I've mentioned before that I don't really walk at weekends so I have no idea of typical parking availability then. I'm used to Read more [...]

Peak District – Padley Gorge, Higger Tor & Lumsdale

This weeks wander took place on a Sunday, a weekend of all times.... It's very rare indeed that I walk at a weekend mainly due to the fact that those days are reserved for family time, I work shifts which rotate so I usual stick to heading out when I'm off Monday to Friday. My girlfriend said that she would like to accompany me on a Peak District walk and thankfully we had a day free. I chucked my maps in a bag, grabbed some snacks and we headed off in the direction of the Derwent Valley. I Read more [...]

Peak District – Wild Camping – Grindslow Knoll on Kinder Scout

The GoPro Hero 3 shooting a sunset Time Lapse It's the school holiday's, the weather is getting better, so that means only one thing.... Convince my daughter that the best way to spend an evening is up a mountain somewhere. As it's Peak Routes, that somewhere is naturally the Peak District, The Glorious Peak District. Let me tell you folks, the UK's First National Park certainly lived up to the title of Glorious once again on this overnight trip. It took us around an hour to get up to the top of Grindslow Knoll, I didn't want Read more [...]

Peak District – Manifold Dale & Thor’s Cave

Looking out the main entrance of Thor's Cave I went for a short wander today down Manifold Dale in the Staffordshire part of the Peak District beginning at Hulme End. The route down the Manifold Valley Trail is nice and gentle, before I knew it I had reached my destination of Thor's Cave. I had an extended lunch break in Thor's Cave while recording a time lapse so I thought i'd show you around in the video above. After visiting the cave I made my way up the hill to Wetton, then on to Wetton Hill and Ecton Hill where I narrowly avoided a Read more [...]

Peak District – Grinah Stones & Bleaklow Stones

Bleaklow Stones from Grinah Stones I love the Peak District as I'm sure you may have guessed by now if you're a regular visitor. I like to get away from the crowds, find a quiet spot and enjoy the tranquility the Peaks have to offer. There are many great spots you can go to, especially midweek, where you can find that little slice of heaven. A place where you can stand, sit, relax or maybe wild camp and soak up the views. The Peak District has such a varied mix of landscapes, from the lush green farmland of the White Peak, to the Read more [...]

Peak District – Lathkill Dale & Bradford Dale – Feb 2014

Waterfalls in Lathkill Dale Not every walk has to be an epic, with 25+ miles in a day or with thousands of metres of ascent. My friend Ray & I had a spare day so we decided we would go to Alport for a wander down Lathkill Dale. We picked up some food, filled a flask with coffee, grabbed my GoPro, Zoom H1, my DSLR and then headed out the door. After a short ride in the car we arrived at Alport to begin the walk, the sky was pretty overcast but the MET Office had promised some better weather later in the afternoon Read more [...]